What is CUST (Transmission System Contract of Use)?

It is a contract signed between an user, ONS and the transmission utilities, those represented by ONS, establishing the terms and conditions for the use of the transmission system by the utilities, upon control and supervision of ONS, and the ONS provision of coordination and operation control services for interconnected electrical systems, and for the administration by ONS of the collection and settlement of charges for the use of the transmission system, as well as the execution of the guarantee system.

What is CCT (Transmission System Contract of Connection)

Contract between the system user and the transmission concessionaire company that establishes the conditions, technical and commercial responsibilities, that will regulate the connection of the user to the system. It guarantees to the system user that the conditions to their connection to the network are contractually viable, being recognized before the beginning of construction, with ONS intervention. ONS’s participation in this case Is to verify and guarantee that the agreements made between parties do not affect SIN’s operation.

What is TUST (Transmission Facilities Tariff for Use)?

Is a tariff established by ANEEL, for payment for the use of the transmission system, according to ANEEL Normative Resolution – REN nº 559/2013. Tariffs are readjusted annually in the same period of RAP (Annual Allowed Revenue) readjustments of transmission concessionaires occur. This tariff period begins on July 1 of the year in which the tariffs are published, and are valid until June 30 of the following year.

What is the purpose of the Preliminary License (LP), Installation License (LI) and Operation License (LO)?

Preliminary license (LP): License that must be requested in the planning phase of the implantation, alteration, or expansion of the enterprise. It approves the project’s environmental viability, not authorizing the start of works.
Installation License (LI): License approving projects. It is the license that authorizes the beginning of the work / enterprise. It is granted after the conditions of the Prior License (LP) are met. This License is necessary for the issuance of the generation grant by ANEEL.
Operation License (LO) : License that authorizes the start of operation of the enterprise / work. It is granted after the conditions of the Installation License (LI) have been met.

To obtain the Grant, is it mandatory to present the Access Information?

Yes. This document is necessary for obtaining or changing the authorization GRANT, regarding the implantation and operation of a generating plant with connection to the facilities under the responsibility of the transmitter.

What is the purpose of the DUP (Public Utility Declaration)?

It is an administrative act that must come from the executive power, according to Art. 6 of Decree-Law nº 3.365, of June 21, 1941, that regards the expropriation and institution of administrative serfdom by public utility of land areas, necessary for the implantation of electrical energy generation installations, by utilities and authorized.

What is MUST (Transmission System Amount of Use)?

The Transmission System Amount of Use (MUST), associated with the generating unit, is the maximum injectable power in the system, which is calculated by subtracting from the nominal potency installed the minimal minimum owned load and the losses, when in maximum generation.

What is REIDI (Special Incentive Scheme for Infrastructure Development)?

The Special Incentive Scheme for Infrastructure Development (REIDI), instituted by Law 11.488, of June 15, 2007, and regulated by Decree No. 6,144, of July 3, 2007, suspends the requirement of the Contribution to PIS/PASEP and COFINS in the acquisitions and imports of goods and services linked to the approved Infrastructure project, carried out in the period of 05 (five) years from the date of qualification of legal entity, holder of the project of infrastructure.